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roomset photography

Put the walls exactly where you want them - thats the beauty of letting us build and photograph roomsets for you. Kitchens, lounges, bathrooms, offices - the possibilities are endless within our drive in photographic studio in the heart of the West Midlands, Bromsgrove.

roomset photography gallery

Images created at the Redfrost Studio, Bromsgrove.

1. Aqualux Shower Enclosures.
2. Victoria & Albert Baths.
3. Aqualux Steam Cabins.
4. Flamerite Fires.
5. AKW Limited.
6. Aqualux Shower Enclosures.
7. Victoria & Albert Baths.
8. Aqualux Wet Room Screens.
9. AKW Limited.
10. Flamerite Fires.