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Google Street View, Birmingham

Just take a look on the right to see how Google Street View could help your business.

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• It's like having your business open 24/7, 365 days a year to potential customers.

• It shows viewers that your business is at the cutting edge when it comes to online marketing.

• The tour can be embedded into your own website, or shared on social media sites.

• It is linked to Google's Streetview and works exactly like Streetview.

• The point of interest shots are yours to keep, copyright free, to use in any other promotional material.

• Google's automatic blurring will ensure that any faces that are captured during a photoshoot will not be identifiable.

• If the way your business looks changes, whether it's as part of a re-fit or seasonal promotion, then your virtual tour can be updated at any time.

• It's a one-off cost and will exist on Google for as long as Google exists - that could be a very long time - making it probably one of the most economical marketing initiatives you could ever invest in.

• Google Maps Business View is a valuable addition to your business, and is perfect for so many businesses including hotels, retail shops, salons, gyms, restaurants, showrooms and much, much more.

• Google Maps Business View is part of Google - it's not going to go away. In the same way that all businesses are now expected to have a website, there will come a time that your customers will expect to be able to take a virtual tour of your business. Don't get left behind.

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