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Studio Model Product Photography

With the availability to shoot in three separate photographic studios, the photographers at Redfrost will often be working on joint projects. With invisible mannequin clothing product photography on the go in one studio a model shoot can take place at the same time. The layout of the Redfrost studios close to Birmingham giving the flexibility for numerous clients on the same day. As photographers we often find we’ve lost our client to the kitchen area where they’ve made themselves at home.

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New Products New Photography

It’s great to see the variety of new products that come through the Redfrost studio doors for new photography. Each year customers return with new ranges and new ideas. NUCO International are no different with their range of quality paper products. Here, flat lay photography for all forms of marketing. Last year we solved how to shoot their waterproof books.

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Creative Product Photography for NUCO Books

Working as a product photographer is often about problem solving. A photography brief from a client will often begin with the phrase “how can we ………..? ” It maybe that sometimes you have to turn to another photographer at Redfrost in order to bounce ideas to achieve that perfect image.

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