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Worcester Product photography clothing invisible mannequin cycling

Invisible Mannequin Photography Cycling Clothing

Quite often as a product photographer you get to see new innovative products and ideas before anyone. These protective cycling garments from ArmaUrto are the first of its kind, made from a revolutionary new energy absorbing material. As a new customer, ArmaUrto put there faith in Redfrost to produce ghost mannequin images of the garments ready for the product launch.


Commercial Advertising Flat Lay Photography

Our client Print Stategy Europe produce great printed products for a complete variety of clients. The flat lay photography imagery is used throughout their own commercial advertising. Sadly we can’t claim fame to all the photography in the literature. Awesome images from all around the world.

room set photography commercial Birmingham Worcester Rehau 05

Commercial Room Set Photography

Successful room set photography is all about design, planning, a quality stylist and a Redfrost photographer. The main Redfrost studio can house two or three room sets on the go at any one time.

Construction of a room set for fully functioning double and triple sliding doors took a little more engineering. Often in the design we add the flexibility of altering the set in order to create different rooms subsequently adding to the cost effectiveness of the overall budget.

Halfords Lifestyle Photography

Product and Lifestyle Photography shoot

At Redfrost Photography many of our client briefs include both studio and location shoots. Studio One is large enough to be used here for product packaging and information literature. Post production work completed to supply clipping paths etc. Location photography is totally different. Finding the a great location that fits the clients brief is key to a successful shoot, and the weather!