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Photography-commercial-Birmingham - jet petrol tanker

Commercial Photography for Jet Petrol Tanker

Individual commercial images taken by a photographer can often look very odd when not seen in context. The brief here was to highlight the clean nature of the fuel inside a tanker with the presence of a duck. The duck to be added in post production to a series of waves created in a glass tank. The image of the tanker was taken by one of the Redfrost photographers when see the tanker by chance. Camera always at the ready.

food-photography-Birmingham-Tesco-Pyrex-Glazed Carrots 1

Food Photography Pyrex Tesco Menu

Sometimes we are involved with projects that makes our mouths water. This was a series of shots for Pyrex to go with recipes on the Tesco website. A week long shoot with a professional chef freshly making a series of dishes in our kitchen to be whizzed through the doors onto the adjoining studio. Eat like kings for a week!

Architecture Photography

Architectural Photography in Dublin

Here’s two shots from a couple of visits Rich took to Dublin to photograph the construction progress of the Dundrum Shopping Centre. After completing all the interior and exterior shots, and on his way back to his hotel with the job done, he decided that a night shot might be worth turning back for and this was the result.

It’s always worth having another look and in this case adding to the architectural portfolio.